Existing Mdot

The existing mdot was totally disconnected with the Threadflip web and mobile app. It was missing several key features and acted like an estranged child. Typical mobile-web revenue in an e-commerce site constitutes about 40% but that was not true for us. It was the leakiest thing and needed attention since most of our PR efforts were limited or loss with mdot. This seemed like a low-hanging fruit, but rebuilding and maintaining an extra product was also a hefty feat. Luckily, the main website had accrued so much technical debt since its conception in 2012 and impacted load time for both ios/web noticeably that we decided to move forward with a single web app for all screen sizes. Yay.


Visual System

My developers and I dove deep into the teachings of Bradfrost, atomic design, living style guides, and object oriented modules. We researched into many exsiting CSS frameworks to get us started and worked very diligently to create sustainable, scalable components.



This was a pretty exhaustive project but a great learning experiences in design and in development. The site was coded with React.js, which the devs said was the hottest new thing. This also cut load time greatly (our initial goal), that alone is amazing.



So much of the buying experience leaned on the usability of the navigation and filtering system that we lost hair over it. Considering individual item photography also helped in designing the appeal of the overall, sporadic shop grid users could encounter.



High-level information important to our users included the price, size, condition, and item photography. From that we were able to bucket all information related to the item into three tiers and thus created its hierarchy. We also looked extensively at external e-commerce product pages to ensure an e-comm typicality while highlighting the consignment nature of the items.



The improvment to the checkout screens were especially beneficial since tiny frictions could easily upset the user at this point. We kept the design very lightweight, focused, and minimal.