There was a strong case for The Tea Spot to redo their web presence aside from having just gone through a rebrand. The previous layout was cluttered and had been difficult for customers to understand the breadth of its inventory and appreciate the artisanry.


Visual Tone

The identity redesign was a clean, handcrafted look by an agency in Canada. I extended that same treatment to create a distinctive UI library that continued The Tea Spot’s brand character online. I also mixed in a few warm neutral tones to make the site feel less exposed and more grounded.



The Director of Product and I worked on several iterations of the layout and functionality. Two primary touch points were the Homepage and the Product Page. We built a content driven design around delicious tea photography, descriptive tasting notes, scenarios, recipes, and community reviews. The Tea Spot is now the 1st ranked Google search under ‘Loose Leaf Tea’, and I hope their presence continue to grow.