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P2P Consignment App

Threadlfip's app is buy-side focused and built around item discovery and personalization. We brainstormed around those concepts and referenced user insights we had gathered throughout that year. We arrived at a direction that would not only strengthen Threadflip's offering but also focus and clarify the user experience.

Compared to a typical e-commerce site, our inventory graph is very flat - we have one of every item we receive. It's hard to achieve personalization with unpredictable inventory, but users can quickly feel disengaged without it. We iterated extensively to build an intuitive yet specialized navigation/filters to ensure that users see the most customized products possible. This meant cross-category filtering, quick access to favored brands, and setting preferred sizes.

I ran user testing sessions on the Loves feature and collected pretty straightforward insight on what users cared about: bookmarking and discounts. We used this research to design a simple UI that promoted price drops and the potential of losing out on a deal.

Selling is the other primary action on Threadflip. It was essential to highlight the ease of requesting our service. The balance we had to achieve between that and the quality of the inventory we accepted was complicated. We kept a simple 1-click request button but designed the heavy content into more digestible chunks. This was not only educational but set our users up for success and better-matched expectations.